Best Beery Bits

The past week has been fantastic for new beers – or at least, for beers which are new to me. I can usually pinpoint a ‘star beer of the week’ pretty easily, but this week, I am stumped; so many of them have been lovely!

Early in the week, I met Nick of The Hope, Carshalton at The Craft, Brixton. As soon as I got to the bar, my eye was drawn to a certain pump clip, and once I’d seen that, it was decided; my first pint simply had to be the Dark Star ‘Hophead Galaxy’. I have a lot of nostalgia attached to Dark Star – my first ever proper pint of real ale, that very first one that started me off on my beery path, was ‘Hophead‘. Back in 2009, at the age of 18, the clean, hoppy, compelling taste blew my little mind, and now, in 2013, despite being thoroughly spoiled by outrageously hopped bastards of beers which kick you in the face and steal your wallet (in the very best way possible), ‘Hophead Galaxy‘ managed to make me relive those first joyous moments when it dawned on me that a pint of beer was actually a very nice thing indeed.

Later that evening, we moved on to Marble‘s new black IPA, which is called – have you guessed it yet? – ‘Black Marble‘. At 7.2%, I found it weighty and thoroughly satisfying (“that’s what she said!”), with the fruitiness and savoury vibe balancing each other well; highly enjoyable, and, of course, perfectly warming before having to brave the brisk weather that last week threw at us…

As the week wore on, Sol and I decided to further explore the restaurants in Brixton Market, venturing outside of our comfort zone, which, to be honest, essentially consists of El Panzon/Taco Man and Franco Manca. We ended up at Honest Burgers, where the meat is supplied by the Ginger Pig – always a good sign! Their burgers were really bloody good, and came with rosemary salt chips. Scanning down the menu, I found that they stock beers from the Redchurch Brewery, which I hadn’t come across before. I hadn’t been intending to have a beer with my meal that night, but, as I explained to Sol with a slightly sheepish grin, “I haven’t had anything from them before, I have to try one…”, and I’m glad I did! The ‘Bethnal Pale Ale‘ was fresh, hop-forward, zesty; everything you could want to accompany the burger and cut through the well seasoned chips. Definitely a good shout.

The end of the week brought a long-awaited can of an old favourite, Ska Brewing ‘Modus Hoperandi’, which I’m sure you all know well; if not, and you like your hops, get your hands on some, sharpish! Over the weekend I also indulged in a Titanic ‘Plum Porter’, which I am a huge fan of on draught, so it was wonderful to be able to try it bottled – thanks, Helen! -, and an Arbor Ales ‘Down Deeperer’, which was absolutely batshit insane… Keep your eyes peeled for a write up!

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