Black Hen Brewery ‘Cascade Maple Stout’

Another bottle of home brew tonight, this time kindly donated by the talented Mr Fergus McIver! Black Hen Brewery‘s Cascade Maple Stout weighs in at a hearty 5.9% and 45 IBUs. The label tells us to expect a ‘soothing dark beer made with pale, amber, caramel, carafa and black malts. Hopped with Fuggles and Progress and dry-hopped with Cascade for aroma with real maple syrup too.’

It pours with a whole lot of condition, and, as promised, a hugely prominent sense of Cascade on the nose, followed by a firm whack of roasted, toasted goodness. Full of body, you can definitely taste the maple syrup in this beer, while the hops cut through it and prevent it from becoming cloying. You are left with a satisfyingly stout-y vibe, and a warm glow; wonderful for snowy evenings like this.

Cascade Maple Stout combines the characteristics of a good, thick, wintery dark beer, and a new wave, hoppy ale exciting enough to make the geeks sit up and take notice. Cheers, Ferg!

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