The Celt Experience Bleddyn 1075 and Kit Calvert Wensleydale

Another beer and cheese post! What can I say? I love a good cheeseboard, we lead beer and cheese pairing sessions at the bar (Dead Pony Club and Manchego, anyone?), and I’m slowly becoming obsessed with the idea of hosting a beer and cheese evening at home for friends  – sorry, vegan pals! 

Today’s pairing is The Celt Experience Bleddyn 1075 (5.6%) and Kit Calvert Wensleydale. After sampling some of their range at Craft Beer Rising,  I can firmly say that The Celt Experience are making some bloody excellent beer, and Bleddyn 1075 is no exception. The name references a Welsh king who died in 1075; which, as it happens, is also the number of this beer’s original gravity. An IPA with a lovely bitter bite, we taste huge grapefruit, citrus flavours, with a little toffee sweetness to balance. It is crisp, almost dry, yet full bodied. Well balanced, a big beer for the ABV, and wonderfully quaffable. Bleddyn‘s fruitiness compliments the slightly honeyed, fresh flavour of the Wensleydale, and the dry hop bitterness cuts through this cheese’s rich, crumbly creaminess. Marvellous.

Bottle of Celt Experience Bleddyn

Of course, when we’re talking about The Celt Experience and cheese, a special mention has to go to their Ogham series Ash imperial porter (10.5%), which we sampled alongside a very smelly blue cheese at CBR.Man, talk about matching flavour intensities… Thanks, Tom!

As per usual, I picked up both the beer and the cheese from Booths. 

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