GBBF 2015 In Tweeted Pictures

I’ve already written about the Champion Bottled Beer of Britain judging and GBBF for work, so here I’ll let the pictures I tweeted on the day do (most of) the talking…

CMHVtkIXAAAS8t4Such a #craftwanker that even my water tastes of citrus

CMHwKMuWsAAMSSYFirst beer of the day on a rooftop overlooking Olympia with Truman’s

CMMpS30W8AAnURPLovely horses, lovely Harveys

CMIHxp1WcAALjFPFirst of GBBF – Lagunitas Sucks with Ancho and Pulla chillies

CMIjZ8LWoAAQrRiBeery selfies happened

CMIiEAVWUAAAfnx#craftwankers 4 lyf

CMI3bPhWEAM4gecEven more beery selfies were taken

CMI_zkAXAAAHgnSOh shit there’s an impromptu tasting occurring

CMI4RssWEAA2T4C #MolyneuxsOnTour

After this there was Magic Rock at the Cock Tavern, then Thornbridge at the Craft, then donner kebabs. Fab day, lovely to catch up with everyone and I’ll hopefully see some of you at Leeds/IndyMan!

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