Hello Wakefield!

Slowly but surely, West Yorkshire has beckoned me back. It’s odd how Leeds and its environs feel more like home than the London suburb in which I grew up, but the fact is this: with each move I’ve been drawn closer and closer to the area I fell in love with six years ago. From South London to the fields of Cheshire, to leafy South Manchester, to the hills of Holmfirth, and now to Wakefield, where they’ve just held their annual Rhubarb Festival..! Two of these moves have taken place in the last eight months, which may explain the relative silence from Molyneux HQ.

During that time I’ve been busy with various bits and bobs, including helping out with the writing and beer tasting side of things at Beer Hawk while their sommelier Maggie has been on maternity leave. From the end of the month I’ll be back to freelance work, and also have a mountain of blog posts to catch up on…

I’ll be travelling down to London for Craft Beer Rising on Friday, so come and say hi if you spot me in the crowd! See you then.

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