Ilkley Pale and Sandham’s Flamin’ ‘Eck

Another instalment in the beer and cheese adventure! Today’s sampling brings us Ilkley Pale (4.2%), and Sandham’s Flamin’ ‘Eck.

The Pale is straw coloured and has good condition, pouring with a lively white bubbly head. There are green peppers and floral hops on the nose, and it tastes almost savoury,  full of clean freshly cut grass flavours, with green peppers continuing from the nose. There’s also a little pale grain sweetness as it warms.

The Flamin’ ‘Eck is a Lancashire cheese, with chillies and sun-dried tomatoes. It’s pale orange, with visually appealing chunks of chilli and tomato, and it’s of a soft consistency. There is a long, lingering heat dominating the flavour of this creamy cheese.

I thought that the Flamin’ ‘Eck would need something stronger than the Pale to stand up to it, and this pairing wasn’t planned (I was going to use Thornbridge Halcyon, but I drank it all…), but Ilkley‘s beer holds its own surprisingly well, cutting through the intense heat and cooling the tongue. The chilli and tomato flavour is complimented by the green pepper and clean, grassy hops.

An unexpected, yet decent, beer and cheese match.

As usual, I bought the cheese from Booths’ cheese counter.

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