Pure North Cider Press Cafe

I recently moved to the outskirts of a little village near Holmfirth in West Yorkshire, to be nearer to my other half’s current place of work. We had to find a place to live fairly quickly, and knowing that there were a couple of decent bars in Holmfirth I wasn’t too stressed about finding somewhere with a good local within walking distance. I was, however, a bit disappointed to discover that in the village which is home to Summer Wine Brewery, you can’t find their beer in any pubs… Poor show, Honley, poor show.

Well, I had resigned myself to having to go into Holmfirth for a decent drink, but one evening I was browsing TripAdvisor (as you do) and I stumbled across The Pure North Cider Press Cafe. I’d heard of Pure North before, but hadn’t realised they were based around here. A quick Google Mapping of the directions later, and I was grinning ear to ear; it was a mere yomp across the fields from the new house. One sunny Friday afternoon when the other half was off work, we decided to brave the inevitable hayfever and set off over the fields in search of cider.


A short walk, some cows and a hill later, we saw Pure North’s logo emblazoned on a large upright stone outside a small building. We settled down in the shade of the covered decking area and a member of staff soon appeared to take our order. Now here is where my story falters, as I failed magnificently to note the names of any of the ciders we tried that afternoon! For what it’s worth, we enjoyed a number of different varieties ranging from around 4.5%, sweet and tart, to 7%, dry and farm-y as hell. After browsing their blackboard menu for a while, we had a rather good lunch of shredded pork on ciabatta with apple sauce, followed by huge scones with mountains of cream and jam. In addition to the extensive cider menu there was a small beer selection, including bottles of Summer Wine Diablo. Marvellous.

If you find yourself in the area, I strongly recommend a visit to Pure North. We’re going to return for a tour of the cider press soon, and maybe another scone or two…

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