Smoky Pork & Duvel Lasagne

I love lasagne. For me, half of the joy of making one is that you can play around with different meats, unusual layers, and basically tweak it to your hearts content. In the past, we’ve even made ‘nacho-sagne’ using chilli con carne, tortilla chip and jalapeno layers, and a hell of a lot of cheese, salsa, and sour cream. This lasagne was a little more tame than that, but it tasted amazing!

I’m not going to patronise you by putting up a recipe for lasagne here. Basically, we made lasagne as we usually would, but used pork mince for the bolognese, and added chipotle chillies, finely chopped chorizo sausage (well, we actually used Peperami Hot because we were improvising, but it was chorizo in spirit!), and a bottle of Duvel into the mix. The Belgian character worked beautifully with the pork and the smoky heat of the chillies. Marvellous stuff. What comfort food should I pour beer into next?

In the interest of full disclosure: As you may have guessed, I’m not a natural in the kitchen. I do, however, love food, so I’m lucky to have landed a partner who is a pretty decent cook. This meal was my idea, but he did all of the technical things. I mean, I chopped some garlic and chucked the beer in, but that’s about it.

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