Annis & Mike’s ‘The Lightfoot-tastic’

Tonight’s beer comes from the kitchen of my dear friends Annis and Mike, who kindly chuck bottles of their various home brews at me relatively frequently.

A 7.1% IPA, the Lightfoot-tastic pours thick and promising, with a large, slightly tan head which dissipates quickly. This hot amber beer packs a punch, and is gloriously warming. The label tells me that the hops used are ‘lots of Calypso, some Columbus’, which give a fruity and slightly herbal vibe supported by a subtle yet confident malty backbone. The hops keep the taste clean, refreshing, and compelling; though the noticeable alcohol warmth warns against drinking this too fast, it’s worryingly quaffable.

High praise here: the Lightfoot-tastic smells like a Kernel beer. Well done, chaps, and thank you!

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