Three Beers Of The Moment

We all know that feeling where you take to Twitter to rave about a beer, but find that 140 characters are’t quite enough, and multiple tweets seem self indulgent. MINI-POST TIME.

BrewDog Blitz Cherry (2.1%). I know it’s a little crass to rave about a beer made by the company you work for, but this is a lovely little Berliner Weisse. The most mouth-puckering of the range so far, this is actually kinda sour, while the varieties which have come before it – Blitz Apricot and Blitz Raspberry – have, to my gueuze-ravaged palate, just been tart. Finding sours very compulsive drinking, I throw them back like fruit juice, often getting through a big bottle of Cantillon in half an hour, so it’s nice to have a beer at an ABV which allows me to drink almost as much as I want without worrying about the booze creeping up on me. Even five percenters add up over the course of an evening…

Mikkeller SpontanCherry Malaga Barrel Aged (8.2%). Brewed at De Proef, this beer has a sticky, heavy aroma which reminded me of Christmas cake… Big boozy cherries, a little marzipan, dark fruits, and vanilla. On the palate, the richness of the nose gives way to fresh, sour, cherries and red grape skin, almost citrus-y clean and slightly funked. A seriously enjoyable beer, though I wish I could afford to buy it more frequently!

Mikkeller Imperial IPA, Citra (8.9%). Also brewed at De Proef, this IIPA is insane. It’s such a good use of Citra! Like biting into fresh fruit and seeing the juices run all over your hands and you’re all sticky but you don’t care because it’s SO GOOD. Ahem. I’ve spent way too much of my wages on this beer recently. I know some people have said it’s a bit malt-heavy and usually I’d be the first to agree with that statement (GIVE ME ALL YOUR HOPS) but I think that in this context, if this beer was any more bitter the full glory of the juicy aroma and flavour might be masked a little bit… The firm biscuit backbone provides a counterpoint for the fruit character to stand out against. Maybe that’s just me, though. The Simcoe version is pretty nice, too.

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